Sunday, December 19, 2004

...and then i got eaten by a crocodile.

so hello.. all those in blog land. i am liz, janes gorgeously stunning friend. and i have taken all her family for hostage and am writing on her blog....can you say rebel? i can.

so im on x-mas break, its fun. all christmasy and such. 6 sleeps till santa comes... wow ive had a revelation, does anyone realize how close the words santa, and satan? like the mere changing of one words. OOOH MAN they both wear red!!! holy green cow! maybe!! oh dare i say it?..... i must.... what if the bad kids(and no i have never been one so i would not know) get punished by.......not only a lump of coal but.....SATAN! oh wow.. i think i have just uncovered a govermental conspiracy!like if this gets out.. well then christmas will be changed AS WE KNOW IT!!!... hmm.. too bad im posting this on the web.. ahh well.. easter has potential.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

seven sleeps till x-mas

i'm so excited that i can't write. tinsel town is in the house. I think I'm gonna give sleeping pills to the mouse. maybe if he isn't stirring then Santa will come early. he's not too bright. is he?? hmmm lets hop abord the polar express and see. At least we'll get free hot chocolate.:D

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Stewie's Outlook on Brocolli

Stewie: "So brocolli, mother says you’re very good for me. Well i’m afraid I’M NO GOOD FOR YOU! The first rule of war is “know thyne enemy” and i know this! Cold kills brocolli! It’s so simple! All i need to do is build a machine to control the global environment. Forecast for tomorrow: a few sprinkles of genius with a CHANCE OF DOOM!!"

Saturday, December 04, 2004

sorry i can't spell

guilty pleasure and kick ass project

ok, so you read the title and are expecting some BIG scandel...what may you ask is my new guilty pleasure? lets think.... mad passionate monkey sex..NOPE...self tanner to turn me orange? i like orange....NO JANE NO...DON"T DO IT!! ok well what i'm about to tell you is much worse...well not really i'm just trying to get you to break into a cold sweat. well ok... Liz and I rented Cinderella Story with Hilary Duff and Chad Micheal Murray... and i kinda sorta liked it...i maaaay have laughed my ass off....but not necesarily. So you might ask...well Jane, don't you not like Hilary Duff...well no....but this movie is really really funny(sometimes unententionally) but ya...its true. I hope you wet yourself with excitment.
next topic. We have to do this personal profile project for careers, and mine is turning out so well. All you other careers takers. I'm gonna kick your ass. not litrally. i would never hurt you! you would murder me! and i value my self protection.(note to all considering kicking my ass: Not a good idea for a few reasons a) I have an ass of steel! your foot would die!!!!! b) i have my prism of colours of KAAAAAAAratay belts or ropes or whatever so watch out as i kick your ass!)
Its completely crazy. its december.theres only ten more days of school left till break! soon we have to start saying Merry Christmas! I think i'll be british this year and say Happy Christmas! I LURVE IT! I can be different and most positutly classy at the same time! better practise!
Happy Christmas and to all a good hight! crap...i mean night...i don't think this english thing does any miricles for my speech........hmm

Saturday, November 27, 2004

backrow boys,hot hair and semi!!

wow, so much to tell. ok first music class the other day. lmao we had a supply and he kept saying the funniest things, and he created..the BACKROW BOYS...lmao he kept calling justin, tony and marco that, and so we made them into a band. and there names are JJ(AJ), Ryan(brian) and Lowie(Howie). Their new single is drifting, and they enjoy thinking about Christina Agulera's midrif...the teacher actualy said those 7 words. Kayla Abby and i were pissing ourselves laughing.
Next order of buisiness, SEMI at martingrove..well FOR martingrove.
It was sooooo much fun, but i'm really sore now....ow..heels and 2 hrs of dancing..
sooooooooooooooooo fun, thanks to table 29 for a great time!
Today i got my mane of hair cut! and its sooooo cute. its chin length, and Alex flat ironed it, so right now its straight. I hope its still straight for monday so i can walk into school and be all hot! hahaha i saw Johnathan outside Dixie Mall, and he didn't even recognize me! yaaaaaaaay!
Merry November

Sunday, November 14, 2004

amy+mike= <3 :D

ok so now amy and mike are going out, and all is happy in the land of jane! they are adorable together and i wish them the best! you rock my socks amy and mike! yaaaaay

whats the point, you'll read it anyways, i mean now that your here, so y summarize with a theme?

hey there,
last night i went to see a previewing of Finding Neverland, and it was kick ass so you all must see it, even though like..2 people read this and i went with one of them. damn. oh well.....liz go see it! hehe. Anyway, i think it is time to indulge to you my secret obsession....are you ready...i mean REALLY REALLY ready...cuase this is pretty intense and secret....ok
here goes..
in 1..
crap what comes after 2...
ok fine here it is....
I'm addicted to Roswell...(its a TV show) and the second season just came out on DVD and my sister borrowed it from her friend...and i'm addicted to thier litte alien drama...its so intense...i mean we are talking saving the world here ppl. anyways, this show is addictive and i love it.
ok so now you know a secret about me, so its only fair that you tell me a secret...
ready...GO...I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!!.....
fine. leave a message at the tone(comment box) BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP

Saturday, November 13, 2004


ok i'm back...on the same 5 minutes that legal...oh well i'll just have to avoid the FBI...just in case. speaking of which have you ever seen CSI or Without a Trace. they are my favourite shows i love them, and so should you. CSI is on channel 8 at 9-10 on Thursday nights, and Without a Trace is on Channel 3 at 10-11 on Thursdays! so now you have no excuse! go and watch them. i think now i'm entitled to some money or something seeing as i advertised for them. hahaha i wish.

so its been...a month...whatever

ok so apparently i'm not very good at updating this thing.. but i'm here now and thats all that matters! going to Finding Neverland previewing tonight! yay! it will be muchos fun fun fun!!!! as long as we get know...those things. anyways, what have i done this month..THE LITERACY TEST! or the WE WANT TO SEE IF WE CAN TRICK YOU AND WASTE YOUR TIME ALL AT THE SAME TIME TEST! ok you have noooo idea how stupidly crap this thing is... its like..

Cathy took her dog for a walk
1. what pet does Cathy have
a. cat
b. dog
c. parakeet
d. Cathy is the pet, and her gorrilla is taking her for a bath

honestly..but then they'll try and trick you by saying...

Write an essay on the subject of pencils. (so your like ahhhh an essay!this will be hard)
Make sure that it talks about 12 different things, and has a body, intro and conclusion, and that the word pencil is always written in red, and the word poo is written in blue. it cannot exceed 2 sentences.

ok so now you have to figure out how to write a 2 sentence essay with all the componants and if you really are supposed to use the word poo and make it blue or if thats these ppls idea of a joke.
so you waste a bunch of time and end up freaking out cuase you might run out of time...and then you remember that is supposed to be 2 sentences long.
the best part was the confidential stickers...they were neon green!
lol. literate!